2012 Vaporizers, A Good Year For Vaporizing

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated our blog and so we’d like to take this time to thank everyone has contributed their own feedback on our reviews of vaporizers.  Again, we’d like to thank our community.  Without you, we would be nothing, but with your support, we are empowered.
This year played witness to many new vaporizers as well as upgrades and enhancements to existing models.

Even though VaporBlunt’s Palm vaporizer seems like it just came out, it’s already undergone some serious alterations to the design and is now on version 2.0.  You can find the new Palm vaporizer, version 2.0, at Got Vape and possibly at some other vape stores out there.  Since we’re on the topic of the Palm 2.0, it’s worth noting that VaporBlunt Inc., the company who makes the Palm, has released their next generation Vapor Blunt.  That’s right, it’s back and this time, it’s even better than before.  Definitely check this bad boy out if you haven’t yet because the new VaporBlunt 2.0 looks legit.  We’ll have more coverage on these later.

The new Thermo Essence Cera vaporizer is more durable, a bit larger, and a lot more expensive than the ThermoVape T1 (the last portable they released), but, the vapor quality is supposedly exceptional and the battery offers around 40 minutes of uninterrupted vape time.  As they’re still in the pre-order phase and we have yet to get our hands on one, we can’t tell you just yet how well this portable vaporizer compares to the other new portables that have been released or are scheduled for release, however, the increased battery longevity, durability, and vapor quality have captured our attention.

Pax vaporizers impressed the likes of us to the extent that we bestowed upon it our highest rating to date.  For some users, the seemingly excessive amount of cleaning required to keep it functional, but, for those of us that don’t mind giving our vaporizers a thorough cleaning, this is the portable vaporizer to have.  Three temperatures to vape on, slim design, reasonable battery life, and quality vapor production have made the Pax a serious contender for the best portable vaporizer.

VapeXHale Cloud vaporizers appear to have something in common with the new VaporBlunts, as both utilize water filtration in combination with vaporization in an attempt to raise the bar in vapor quality.

With all of the new vaporizers released in 2012 and those to come in 2013, the selection has become much more broad and that’s just one more reason to rest assured in ReviewsVaporizers.com’s ability to help you navigate the world of vaporizers, both desktop as well as portable and whatever else manifests itself in between. Take care and happy holidays from the team here at Reviews Vaporizers.

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