Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control Vaporizer Review $239

Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control Vaporizer Review

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If you’re looking for a cheap digital vaporizer that can switch back and forth between a Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer style balloon and a vapor wand like that which Da Buddha uses, you’ll likely find the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer version 4.0 to be quite the vape. As if to clearly convey Arizer’s intentions of taking vaporization to the next level, they incorporated the one item that every comprehensive stationary vaporizer system should have and that’s a remote control. The remote can switch the fan speed, alter the temperature, and even turn the Extreme Q 4.0 on and off. If this digital vaporizer wasn’t versatile enough, it works with ambient aromatherapy, steaming, and mineral diffusion. With a wide range of digital temperature control, there’s not much this Arizer vaporizer doesn’t have, unless you count the touchscreen display of the Vaporfection viVape 2. Then again, if you’re not swayed by touchscreens or have enough iPhone-like electronic devices in your life, you can click here to buy Arizer’s Extreme Q.


What It Comes With:

When you buy the EQ, your purchase comes with the 4.0 base, a remote control, two whip mouthpieces, two balloon mouthpieces, two balloon kits, one vaporizer whip, a potpourri dish, two screen packs, one power cord, two Extreme Q Vaporizer cyclone bowls, and instructions on how to use the Extreme Q 4.0 by Arizer. Also included, when purchased from an authorized retailer, is a limited manufacturer’s lifetime warranty which is restricted to defects which occur as a result of normal use. I should note that while the Extreme Q warranty gives you specific legal rights, it is possible that you may have additional rights based on the laws which govern your state.


More Information:

Extreme Q Vaporizer Beyond the aforementioned features, Extreme Q vaporizers are also capable of automatically shutting down the unit up to an astounding four hours after the vaporizing session begins. The 4.0 boasts numerous upgrades over previous versions including a redesigned LCD display. With 26 total improvements in all, the newest Arizer Extreme Q is definitely one of the most affordable digital vaporizers.


Where To Buy Extreme Q:

You can buy this incredible vaporizer at a number of websites and even at your local head shop / smoke shop, but, your best bet is quite likely to stick with the web and click here to buy the Extreme Q at a reasonable price.


Extreme Q Review Video:

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  1. Man, looks like the editor of this review likes bells and whistles. The Silver Surfer vaporizer is a far better vape. People flock to this unit because of the remote (pointless) digital display (one more thing that can break) and because it does bags (old technology and the Extreme Q sucks at it. If you like bags, buy a Volcano) Buy a Silver Surfer and you will see it’s way better quality. Denser vape, thicker glass, and all around beast.

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