Ascent Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

Ascent Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

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DaVinci has come out of the woods with a new vape that’s called the Ascent and it is one hell of a vape. It’s got a lot of features and an impressive design. When it comes to the design, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the all glass vapor pathway. From the glass-lined ceramic bowl where the blend resides to the glass mouthpiece, it’s all glass on glass. That means you’re not going to taste anything funny because there aren’t any strange materials in the path to contaminate your vapor. This glass-on-glass aspect alone makes this one of the best vaporizers that we’ve used but the highlights don’t end there. We’ve also got to point out that they’re not limited to dry blends, they’re also vaporize your liquids/oils. So if you’ve been looking for a reliable portable vaporizer that has a good battery life (3-4 hours), tastes good, and vapes both dry and liquids blends, then look no further because Ascent by DaVinci offers all that and more! If you’re interested in picking up the Ascent for yourself, feel free to buy it straight from the maker at this store or just continue reading to see what else you can learn about this new vape.


Technical Details

You’ve got to realize when you’re looking at this that it’s one hi-tech vape. The designers weren’t satisfied with a ceramic heating element because even ceramic can potentially alter the taste of the vapor. Regardless of the degree to which the ceramic could alter the taste, the designers decided to line the ceramic with a layer of glass. That way, you’re vaporizing off glass and those who understand the relevance of the materials used in the vapor path will recognize this as impressive and obviously beneficial to the overall quality of the vapor produced. The ceramic heating element heats all the way up to 430F and is easily controlled using the buttons on the front of the unit.


Ascent Temperature

the ascent vaporizer So you can heat up from 0-430F and if that wasn’t enough, you can program it to heat up to say 400F and hold that for a minute before changing to 410F. This is a cool option because it allows you to fine tune your vaporizing experience for some really efficient vaporization. The temperature can be seen on the front of the device on its OLED screen which also shows when it’s ready to be used. Once the desired temp. has been reached, the screen will show a cup with vapor coming out of it.


Liquid / Oil Vaporization

So if you’re wondering how to vaporize oils with the Ascent vaporizer, it’s really pretty easy. All you do is take your essential aromatherapy oils and load them into one of the glass oil jars and then slip the jar into the oven. That’s as simple as it gets. When you want to remove the jar, make sure you use the metal tools provided because you might otherwise burn yourself. Be careful when handling the oil jars when hot.


Is DaVinci’s Ascent The Best Portable Oil Vaporizer For You?

While it’s hard to determine the best vapes, it’s pretty easy for us to say that this one is definitely one of the best portables we’ve used. It might not necessarily be the most convenient oil vaporizer (some of the pen vaporizers seem to work just as well and are smaller) but it is one of the best dry blend portables around. Having the versatility to do both is a fantastic option for any portable and this one does both exceptionally well. We here at have fallen in love with this new portable and we think there’s a good chance you will too. To try one for yourself, buy it straight from the company that makes it at this online store.


Ascent Vaporizer Video By “Vape Forest

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