Atmos Nuke Portable Oil Vaporizer Review $130

Atmos Nuke Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

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Atmos is known for their pen shaped portable vaporizers, some of which are capable of vaporizing essential oils. The new Atmos Nuke is certainly no exception, as this lithium-ion battery powered portable oil vaporizer can be used with solid blends, essential oils, and even waxy oils. It can be used with one or two cartridges. Cartridges are refillable and offer a convenient means by which to vaporize oils. What’s really unique about the dual cartridge system is the fact that it allows you to mix two different flavors in order to achieve a unique taste. If you’re interested in acquiring the Atmos Nuke vaporizer, click here to place your order today.


Atmos Nuke Vaporizer Features & Includes

Nuke vaporizers by Atmos are compact, offer double cartridge usage, are easy enough to use, and work with wax as well as oils. Included with every purchase is a syringe bottle, wall adapter, retractable USB charger, rubber mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, two Nuke cartridges, one lithium-ion battery, and detailed instructions conveying proper usage.


Is Atmos Nuke The Right Oil Vaporizer For You?

If you’re looking for a compact portable vaporizer that works with oils, wax, and offers dual cartridge usage, the Nuke could very well be the best portable vaporizer for you. If you’re interested in buying this inexpensive portable vape, click here to choose between the black and white kit as you buy Atmos Nuke today.

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