Atmos Thermo Vaporizer Review $160

Atmos Thermo Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Thermo version 2.0 is a multipurpose portable vaporizer by AtmosRX. It’s lightweight, ergonomically designed, compact, and allows for vaporization even when it’s windy outside. The Thermo vaporizer is designed to vaporize liquids and essential aromatherapy oils. It comes in at least five different colors and boasts a quick heat up time. If you’re interested in buying this handheld oil vaporizer, click here to buy AtmosThermo online.


Atmos Thermo What’s Included

Thermo comes with two atomizers, two tank cartridges, two tank covers, one carrying case, one USB charger, and two Thermo batteries in addition to the portable vaporizer itself.


Is Atmos Thermo Vape Right For You?

If you’re still wondering whether or not this is the right oil vaporizer for you, ask yourself the following questions. Are you looking for a liquid vaporizer that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and requires no cords while operating? If so, this portable vaporizer by AtmosRX could be just what you’re looking for. Click here to buy Atmos Thermo vaporizer from a trusted vaporizer store.


Atmos Thermo Video


  1. I had two Atmos vapes break on me within the first week. Not cool.

    • Where did you buy them?

  2. Not a vaporizer. Its an electric cigarette Wolverine would use. If you want a cigarette and like the burn, then its a 6/6.

  3. Terrible quality. Mine broke within a week and customer service was horrendous.

    • HORRIBLE QUALITY BOUGHT MINE IN SAC,CA BROKE AFTER 2nd charge and was working fine until then. WTF Atmos won’t even warranty since I don’t have a receipt anymore even though I bought from a store… F*CK ATMOS!! PIECE OF SH*T waste of $50

  4. If you’re thinking of buying one of these, DON’T!!!!!!! Mine lasted about 10 minutes… literally. WORST MONEY I EVER SPENT! WHAT A FRIGGIN’ GYP!!!!!!!!

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