AtmosRAW Portable Vaporizer Pen Review $189

AtmosRAW Portable Vaporizer Pen Review

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The AtmosRAW vaporizer pen is wind-proof, usable in mere seconds, lightweight, cordless, rechargeable, and completely portable. It comes in four colors which include the limited edition fresh green, platinum grey, midnight black, and lightning blue. These discreet portable vaporizers were designed to appear similar to a pen, making the Raw a very discreet stealth vape. A closed chamber minimizes aromatic vapors released by the device. This powerful and efficient portable vaporizer reaches 375 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit in under 10 seconds. If this sounds like the pocket vaporizer for you, feel free to click here to buy AtmosRAW from an online retailer.


What It Comes With:

AtmosRAW Your basic Atmos RAW kit comes with a chamber connector, ceramic filter, ceramic heating chamber, battery, glass filter, mesh filter, spring, rubber mouthpiece, USB charger, wall adapter, packing tool, cleaning brush, and one instructions manual which explains how to use the device.  The battery included is a lithium-ion battery that is capable of providing up to 72 hours of non-stop use. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the device.


Who Makes Atmos Raw:

The company behind this innovative vaporizer pen is Atmos Technology LLC, a Florida-based company that makes a number of vaporizers including the AtmosRX and more.


Where To Buy:

If you’re looking to purchase this handheld vaporizer by Atmos Technology, you can click here to place an online order for the Atmos Raw vaporizer.


AtmosRAW Video:


  1. Let the buyer beware. I bought a new Atmos Raw locally, and the battery was DOA. The local merchant insisted I must deal with the manufacturer, who charged me $20 shipping and “handling” for a replacement. This amounts to raising the price of the product after the sale. The fact they did not require sending anything back tells me they are recovering their costs fully and, thus, making the customer bear the costs of warranty service.

  2. You do realize that Atmos batteries are just ego battery copies and the “Oil” attachments CE4/CE5 clearomisers in different packaging. They can be bought for about $3.00 and the batteries for about $20.00 and that is retail not wholesale. How do they justify these markups? Also the ceramic heating elements are available cheap all over the place. I could get the whole setup for about $30.00 including the “Oil attachment” which is just a CE4 Stardust clearo – and that is retail! Ridiculous price! I doubt the packaging is worth $150.00. Please correct me if I am wrong!

    I also posted that on their Facebook page which they promptly deleted!
    No integrity and shame on them!

    Anyone considering buying one of these do your research! Just buy a standard EGO battery and a Stardust CE4 clearo if you want the oil attachment and get a cheap ceramic heating element.

    These are standard e-cigarette parts sold as a different product with HUGE markups!

  3. Atmos Raw arrived broken. It was a gift. Called Atmos to send it in. Told them that I had No Receipt. Comment then was that if it was purchased from a NONAUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR like EBay or Amazon— tough luck (even if new).
    I was totally disgusted—sent them the defective unit back. KEEP IT!!!! $90—-gone. Have a friend that had a similar problem.

  4. At first when I got it I loved it, however after only a month or so it stopped working and so I called Atmos and they replaced it for free, great right? Well even before the month was over the burner went BAD AGAIN, they did warranty it AGAIN, now a couple of months later the burner went out and I called for a replacement… BEWARE they want to charge $20.00 for SHIPPING, why is it the WE have to pay for a BAD ITEM 3 times… VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE…

    DON’T BUY IT… you WILL BE SORRY. I know I am!!! And I will NEVER recommend this product to ANYBODY…

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