AtmosRx Portable Oil Vaporizer Review $89

AtmosRx Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

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The AtmosRX portable vaporizer is small, battery powered, rechargeable, offers anywhere from 250 to 300 draws of vapor before it requires a recharge. To simplify, the AtmosRX is essentially your typical electronic cigarette which requires a cartomizer. The cartomizer is not included and must be purchased separately. Every purchase comes with one cone adapter, a carrying case, a USB charger, and one premium AtmosRX lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The RX is what’s known as an aromatherapy oil vaporizer due to the fact that it is capable of vaporizing essential oils.  You can purchase all of this by clicking here.


How It Works:

AtmosRX Portable Vaporizer While the device is charging an LED light remains lit in order to indicate that the RX is recharging and once the device is charged, the light will turn off. When vapor is being drawn from this portable vaporizer, the indicator light located on the tip of the unit will glow. After the user stops inhaling, the unit automatically places itself in standby mode as it shuts off the battery. This is why there’s no power switch on the AtmosRX. After inhaling for nine seconds straight, the vape will cease working for three seconds in order to prevent the unit from overheating. This also prevents excessive usage to some extent.


AtmosRX Warranty:

When the AtmosRX handheld vaporizer is purchased from an authorized distributor, it is covered by a 1-year guarantee that the device is free of defects.


Where To Buy:

If you think this is the best portable vaporizer for your unique situation, feel free to click here to buy AtmoxRX.


AtmosRX Vaporizer Review Video:

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