Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review $669

Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

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The digital Volcano vaporizer is known as the Digit and is available with an Easy Valve or Solid Valve set. While the Digit is by no means what one would consider to be a cheap vaporizer, it is an extremely powerful and efficient digital vaporizer that produces some of the highest quality vapor. It’s ridiculously easy and convenient to use, as it’s a system which fills a bag with vapor. Bags, the size of which can be adjusted to your preference, are disconnected from the Volcano Digit and then attached to the Valve set. At which point, the bag full of vapor becomes highly portable as it’s lightweight and easy to carry. If you’re interested in buying Storz & Bickel’s digital Volcano vaporizer, click here to order the Digit today.


Digit Design:

Digital Volcano The Digit Volcano boasts a large and easy to read LED screen and straight forward plus (+) and minus (-) buttons which accurately control the set temperature. The motor has been upgraded for the sake of noise reduction and is now impressively quiet. The air pump has been improved and an air filter is incorporated to enhance the purity of the vapor produced by the magnificent vaporization machine that is the digital Volcano vaporizer. Smart valve technology prevents the blend from burning. When the bag attachment is removed from the equation, the device is allowed to freely expel vapors into the room, as is desirable from those seeking to achieve ambient aromatherapy with their digital vaporizer.


Digital Volcano Warranty:

The Digit is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty so you won’t have to worry about defects within that period of time, as Storz & Bickel has you covered.


Where To Buy Volcano Vaporizers:

You can buy Volcano vaporizers at local smoke shops or you can click here to buy the Volcano Digit from an online head shop.


Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review Video:

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