Dragon Lite Portable Vaporizer Review

Dragon Lite Portable Vaporizer Review

  • Design
  • Portability
  • Price

The Dragon Lite is not only a cheap vaporizer, it’s a highly portable vape that fits in your pocket.  If your favorite colors are black and purple, you’re in luck as those are the colors of the DL.  While the majority of the device appears black, a purple dragon really adds some spice to the design.  When you’re using a Dragon Lite pocket vaporizer, you always want to shred your blend using a spice grinder before inserting your blend in order to release aromatic vapors through conduction vaporization.


DL Construction:

Dragon Lite Vaporizer Each unit comes standard with a tinted acrylic vapor tube, rechargeable NiMH AA battery, cleaning brush, and battery end cap.  In order to use the DL, simply insert the battery into the device and place the end cap on the battery.  Grind your blend and insert it into the bowl.  Next, insert the tube if desired and close the lid.  Once your Dragon Lite is situated, you can begin to press the fully charged battery in while drawing air through the device.  By pressing and releasing the battery at the appropriate intervals while drawing air, you can regulate the vapor density.  Every official Dragon Lite vaporizer is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Where To Buy Dragon Lite:

As far as portable aromatherapy is concerned, Dragon Lites deliver at an affordable price.  With an inexpensive cost, when compared to a number of portable vaporizers, and an appeal similar to a blacked-out Benz with tinted windows, this cordless vape is quite possibly the best portable vaporizer for the cost.  If you think the Dragon Lite by CD Vape is the best vaporizer for you, feel free to click here to order your very own.


Dragon Lite Video:


  1. Either these peeps ripped off the Magic Flight Launch Box or the Launch Box peeps ripped this off the Dragon peeps, cause this looks exactly the same as the Magic Flight Launch Box yo, for real, what’s up with that cuz?

    • It is our understanding that the Launch Boxes were released in 2010, whereas the Dragons were not released until 2012. Do that math and you’ll find that the apparent copycat, assuming there is one, would have to be the Dragon Lite. The only real advantage that they have over the Launch Boxes is their price, as they are significantly less expensive.

      • That’s the whole point of it. I will never spend $100 on a MFLB that takes $10 to produce. Forget that.

  2. I got one today and I’m really impressed with the ease of use and the effects from it. I had the Volcano, the digital one with balloons, and couldn’t get on with it but this is the best vaporizer I have ever used and will be giving up smoking entirely!

  3. Do not buy this product. It’s a piece of junk. Broke the first day I tried to use it.

  4. Been looking to get a portable vaporizer and been hearing a lot of good stuff about MFLB and was told this product is the same. Do not believe cause this product is a piece of junk. Worked for like 10 mins and the unit stop working. The light would not go on when battery made contact with unit. Thought it could be the battery and got new rechargeable AA and charged it still did not work. For a product to defect the day when it arrives is a big fail and Dragon Lite vaporizer is a big f**king fail. Save your money do not buy. I wish someone had a honest review like this one before I ordered mine on eBay so I could have saved my money.

  5. I like mine. Yes its a copycat product for sure but it’s a simple design and for the price you can’t go wrong. A Samsung Android phone is just as much a copycat as this is. It vapes perfectly when used correctly and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Boom! More money for me to eventually get that Volcano for in the house and use the Dragon Lite on the road ninja style. ;-)

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