Easy Vape Vaporizer Review

Easy Vape Vaporizer Review

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The Easy Vape vaporizer comes in at least three different styles, which I’ll list from least expensive to most expensive: Digital, Deluxe, Digital V5. These are essentially your traditional whip vaporizers with some different modifications from one model to the next. For the sake of this Easy Vape review, let’s begin with the non-V5 digital variant.


Digital Easy Vape:

Easy Vape Digital The Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is basically your old school box vaporizer with a twist, as it has new school digital features which include an illuminated LCD screen which accurately displays the temperature of the unit within +- 2 deg. Celsius. Every unit is constructed durable polycarbonate and offers a lightweight and reliable vaporizing solution that comes in four colors: black, mustard, dark red, and silver. It takes advantage of a ground glass fitting to allow for a hands free solution which does not require the user to hold the vapor whip in place. The Digital is covered by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. You can click here to buy Easy Vape Digital online.


Easy Vape Deluxe:

Easy Vape Deluxe Vaporizer The Deluxe vaporizer was redesigned with with a more sleek and durably designed body which boasts vents and a bigger LCD display which is easier to read. The vaporizing temperature operates within +- 3 deg. Celsius with the Deluxe, which is slightly less (1C difference) accurate than the Digital. It has a fixed heater cover and ceramic heating element. You can click here to buy Easy Vape Deluxe.


Easy Vape Digital V5:

Easy Vape V5 Vaporizer The Digital V5 vaporizer is designed to look like an Alarm Clock and is available in five different colors: blue, black, navy blue, red, and grey. It has a nice illuminated LCD screen which shows both the intended and current temperatures. The whole unit weighs less than one pound and measures 6-1/3″ long, 3-1/8″ wide, and 4-7/8″ tall. Like the Deluxe, it boasts ventilation ports in order to provide adequate airflow while vapor is being drawn from the device. V5 digital vaporizers are constructed from polycarbonate and utilize hi-quality glass fittings. They come with an 18mm vapor whip and are hands free due to the ground glass fitting. Click here to buy the Easy Vape V5 vaporizer.


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