Hammer Portable Vaporizer Review $129

Hammer Portable Vaporizer Review

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The Hammer vaporizer is a new portable by Head Tools LLC. For us, one of the factors that makes this model unique from the others we’ve reviewed is the fact that it’s the first butane powered portable that’s actually produced a quality of vapor that we found enjoyable. If you haven’t been all that impressed with some of the butane vapes of the past, don’t count this one out because it just might cause you to reassess the way you look at butane powered vaporizers. Where other vapes that use butane as a heat source may have a poor quality of vapor due to the taste being distorted by the butane, there’s no acrid taste here. Just sweet undistorted vapor from a fast heating portable that runs on ordinary butane (the type you can buy just about anywhere including Home Depot). Designed as what are commonly referred to as “one hitters,” Hammers are really intended to be used by one person, however, they can easily be shared with multiple individuals in a social setting. If you’re interested in hammering out some vapor, you can buy the Hammer online from this store.


Hammer Construction

The Hammer Vaporizer While all of this is certainly subject to change without our awareness, the Hammer vapes are currently made with a stainless steel hot air path that turns into a glass pathway right before the hot air reaches the blend. In our minds, this makes the actual vapor pathway that of glass. The borax glass stems are hand-blown in the USA and contain a little mesh screen; they’re available in two sizes. They employ an electric ignition system to ignite the butane and the butane exhaust is vented out of the top of the unit and travels a path separate from the hot air used to create vapor and the vapor itself. The stainless steel heat exchange heats up in about 30 seconds which is much faster than some of the other vapes on the market. The unit measures less than 5″ tall and is something that you can fit into your pocket just about as easy as you can stuff a ThermoVape T1 into your pocket.


Is The Hammer The Best Vaporizer For You?

If you’re looking for a one-hit vaporizer that heats up quick and doesn’t take minutes to hours to recharge, the Hammer might be just what you want. It heats up in about 30 seconds (only 10 seconds after it’s already been warmed up) and it refills in just a few seconds. Inserting the nozzle of any ordinary butane canister into the bottom of the Hammer allows you to quickly refill it and that’s something that you shouldn’t have to do more than once a day (depends on usage). Keep in mind, this does not require the expensive butane that other vaporizers demand. To summarize our thoughts, this is one reliable portable vaporizer that’s managed to harness the power of butane to provide quick draws of vapor that pack a serious punch. The best part is that the Hammer can be purchased for just a little more than what you might spend on the Magic Flight Launch Box and that’s really a steal in our minds; making this one cheap vaporizer! If you’re interested in buying the Hammer, a vaporizer that’s been years in the making, you can buy it from this shop.


Hammer Vaporizer Video:


  1. There are so many quality portable vaporizers out there. It’s a really tough decision for those that are in the market for one – so many decisions…

    • I agree – there are awesome portable vapes out there these days.

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