How To Use Pax Vaporizer By Ploom

In this informative article, we’re going to be discussing the procedure by which vaporization can be achieved with Pax.  Using this particular vape is quite simple and after you finish reading this, you should be well prepared for your first session with this remarkable portable vaporizer. Let’s start from the very beginning.  Pax vaporizers come in a clean white box with a large graphic of the unit, the Pax by Ploom logo, and the text “PREMIUM VAPORIZER” printed on the box.  The box slides open like a drawer with a light tug of the white ribbon.  Inside you’ll find the device alongside a charging station and operating manual.  To charge the unit, flip it upside down so that the star is towards the ground and slide it onto the charging station.
Ploom Pax
Assuming the internal battery is adequately charged, which you can check with a quick shake, remove the lid to the oven by pressing it in on either side so that one end protrudes and allows you to grab and remove it.  Don’t be shy with it, as it’s held firm magnetically and you won’t likely damage it.  Next, load your dry blend into the heating chamber known as the oven.  This area is also referred to as the bowl, terminology borrowed from our glass brethren, but, we’ll simply refer to it as the oven.  In a sense, much like the Magic Flight Launch Box, you don’t want to overload the trench when inserting your blend.  Once it’s loaded, replace the magnetic lid and press the mouthpiece in slightly until it clicks and pops out. Once the mouthpiece pops out, you’ll notice the indicator light will begin to glow magenta.  Within 30-40 seconds, the light will begin to glow a solid green which indicates that Pax is ready to vaporize.


Pax Temperature Manipulation

To adjust the vaporizer temperature, remove the mouthpiece by sliding your thumbnail into the little groove and pulling straight up and out.  Once the mouthpiece is removed, glance inside and you’ll notice a little button glowing white.  Press the glowing white button in order to cycle through temperatures.  There are only three temperatures to choose from so you shouldn’t have any issues finding your preferred temperature with a little testing.


Session Finished?

When you’re done vaporizing, click the mouthpiece back in by pressing it down until you hear the first click and the Pax vaporizer will deactivate. The device will sense when it’s been set down and eventually go into a standby mode. If you have any troubles with your Pax, we suggest cleaning it with the supplied cleaning tools.  That’s all for this article on how to use Pax by Ploom.


Pax Vaporizer Video

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