Inhalater Portable Vaporizer Review $249

Inhalater Portable Vaporizer Review

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The Inhalater vaporizer is a portable device which has an appearance similar to the Vapor Blunt and ThermoVape vaporizers. The cordless and handheld design makes it a breeze to carry with you wherever life takes you. Charging can be accomplished by plugging the micro-USB power cord in and the device can be used while charging. Though, I should note that when the battery has been completely drained, 30 minutes of charging is required before the Inhalater INH004 becomes operable while charging. Recharging the battery takes roughly 5 hours and the charging ratio is six to one, meaning 1 minute of usage for every 6 minutes charged. One of the reasons why the Inhalater is as popular as it is, is the fact that it can be easily integrated into a glass piece to provide a unique vaporizing experience. For more information on how this works, watch the YouTube video attached below.


Usage & Temperature:

Inhalater Vaporizer Inhalater INH004 handheld vaporizers require a completely dry and ground blend. Temperature can be adjusted by switching the device from the off position of 0 to 1 through 9. Level 1 is the lowest and leve 9 is the highest temperature setting. Adjusting the temperature is extremely easy as you simply twist the bottom of the unit.


Where To Buy Inhalater:

If you’ve found this powerful and easy to use portable vaporizer of your liking, you can purchase it online by clicking here or you can always try your luck at a local vaporizer retailer such as a nearby head shop.


Inhalater Review Video:

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