Life Saber Vaporizer Review $229

Life Saber Vaporizer Review

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The Life Saber vaporizer is constructed from anodized aluminum with hand drilled holes and is covered by a three year warranty when purchased from an authorized retailer. Sabers are marketed as the first social vaporizer and is made in the Colorado, USA by the same company behind the more well known Silver Surfer vaporizer (SSV). The LSV uses the same LSV Vaporizer ground glass design and heating element as the SSV and Da Buddha vaporizer, only it’s a bit more of a direct draw approach than either of the aforementioned vapes. What makes the Life Saber particularly interesting is the fact that you can use the device as a chamber for a water system by simply removing the top. Additionally, the heater cover can be removed to expose the heating element rod which is capable of lighting another system without the use of combustion.


Where To Buy LSV:

If you’re interested in buying this innovative system designed by 7th Floor out of Colorado, click here to place your order of the web.


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  1. Most versatile vaporizer out right now. Pretty much will fit any water filtration unit, with a 10 foot plug-in, and can also be used as a hot iron. Oh and all glass wand no tube (as far as all glass wand, it’s better than the Arizer Solo and way better than the VapeXhale Cloud). Don’t worry you can get a ground glass whip kit if you’re not feeling the all glass wand. Plus it has the same internals as the SSV and durability that can’t be beat. Maintaining the unit is a breeze, cleaning the screen can be a little bit of a chore but this is a great unit to have in your collection. Pricing has gone down and the silver unit is $189.00 right now.

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