Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Review $119

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Review

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The Launch Box by Magic-Flight is a portable vaporizer that’s made in the USA. Not only are they lightweight and cordless, they’re compact and pocket-sized. They require no lighter, no butane, and no torch to function, as they rely on a sole AA battery. MFLB vaporizers come with rechargeable AA batteries and a battery charger which is capable of recharging two batteries at the same time. Magic Box handheld vaporizers use both infra-red as well as conduction to vaporize.


How To Use The MFLB:

MFLB Usage is simple. All you have to do is grind your blend (SharpStone grinders work well for this), slide the acrylic lid open, insert your ground blend into the trench located inside of the bowl (don’t overflow the trench), slide the top closed, insert the acrylic vapor tube if deemed desirable, place an end protector cap on a fully charged AA battery, insert the battery into the designated slot, and begin pressing the battery into the device in order to make contact while drawing air through the device. By regulating the rate at which you draw air and press the battery into the device, you can control the density of the vapor output. This is an easy to use system that requires some practice to perfect, however, it’s a great way to vaporize once you’ve managed to get the hang of it.


Where To Buy:

Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizers can be purchased from a number of places both online and offline (in the “real world”), however, the best deals on vaporizers are often found online. You can click here to buy MFLB vaporizers.


MFLB Review Video:

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  1. I just used this device a couple days ago and I think it is so/so but then again I have only used a vape a couple of times. I found you had to really push the battery in hard to get it to glow, maybe they weren’t fully charged batteries and this one really needs to have the blend ground up to work properly. It still gets you there and is very small. I like having friends with these so it can help me when I get one.

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