miVape, Another Portable Vape To Debut In 2012

miVape Vaporfection appears to have been hard at work coming up with a followup to their viVape digital vaporizers, only this time they’re thinking portable.  The new miVape, which is scheduled for release sometime in December of 2012, appears to be a next-generation pocket vaporizer with all of the makings of a winner.  While we were certainly nothing short of impressed with their digital vaporizer, the viVape, we are not entirely sure of what to make of their new portable vaporizer, the miVape.  Will Vaporfection’s new contender transcend the likes of such formidable rivals as the Magic Flight Launch Box, Puffit, Pax, ThermoVape T1, and Arizer Solo?  As of current, the answer eludes us.  Until we’ve managed to get our hands on a demo and push it through our rigorous review process, we are forced to refrain from commenting on the issue of whether it’s truly worth buying over such worthy foes as the aforementioned portable vaporizers which currently reign supreme.  At $299.00 (US), it will be nothing short of interesting to discover how well this new handheld vape stacks up against the competition.  In light of their versatile digital vaporization system equipped with a touchscreen display used to control the unit, we’re expecting some serious innovation when it comes to their new portable vapor delivery system.

Someone be sure to let the good folks over at Vapor Systems International (Vaporfection) know that ReviewsVaporizers.com is looking to acquire a miVape or two so that we may test, review, and disseminate our findings through our increasingly popular vaporizer review website!

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