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ThermoVape T1 Vaporizer Kit Review

The T1 ThermoVape portable vaporizer is manufactured in the USA by Thermo Essence Technologies and is powered by two...

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Vape-Or-Smoke Ninja Edition Vaporizer Review

The Vape-Or-Smoke Ninja is a butane powered portable vaporizer which is also not only capable of vaporizing, but as the...

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AtmosRAW Portable Vaporizer Pen Review

The AtmosRAW vaporizer pen is wind-proof, usable in mere seconds, lightweight, cordless, rechargeable, and completely...

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VaporGenie Classic Vaporizer Pipe Review

VaporGenie portable vaporizers come in a lot of different flavors. While there are those who have trouble believing...

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Iolite Wispr Handheld Vaporizer Review

Handheld vaporizers come in a lot of different flavors, but, it’s the Iolite Wispr vaporizer that is one of the...

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Iolite Vaporizer Review

The original Iolite vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler Limited is a lightweight, cordless, handheld, durable, and...

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Palm Vaporizer By VaporBlunt Review

The new Palm portable vaporizer is made in the USA by VaporBlunt Inc., the same company behind the Vapor Blunt. Palm...

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