Pax Vaporizer Review, YouTube Style

This dude Gus of has slapped together a quick video review of the Pax and it shows the blue model and explains a little bit about it. More importantly, you get the author’s view on this somewhat new portable vaporizer that’s received quite a bit of attention over here at and that’s why it’s getting published here on our vape blog. While this isn’t the best Pax vaporizer review YouTube has to offer, it is worth taking the time to watch just for the sake of gaining the perspective of another seasoned vaporizer. To go along with his video, the author has written a couple of reviews in which he’s gone to some length to inform his audience what this portable is really about. You can check out these reviews at:

We here at applaud Gus for his efforts. It’s always nice to see others sharing their knowledge of vapes with the rest of the community. Back to the topic at hand, the Pax vaporizers have been improved via a lubricant that’s intended to resolve issues with the mouthpieces getting stuck. Their color has also been modified so they’re not quite as shiny as they originally were. At this point, after testing the new lube, we’re impressed and fairly certain that Ploom has really put the required effort into resolving Pax problems. Good job. Seeing as we have plenty of information on the Pax already, we’re going to go too deep into this one right now. Just wanted to share this cool little video. Enjoy.

On an unrelated note, it looks like the Ascent vaporizers have finally arrived. They’re available for pre-order and will be shipping out this month. Those who remember DaVinci vapes will probably want to jump on this opportunity to own what could very well be the next best portable vaporizer. Quite possibly better than Ploom Pax, but we’ll just have to wait and see like the rest of you because ours has yet to arrive.

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