Pax Vaporizer VS MFLB

Pax Vaporizer VS MFLB

Here’s a couple of portable vaporizers that you’ve definitely heard of by now, the legendary Magic Flight Launch Box and the new Pax vaporizer by Ploom.  Comparing the prices of the two units, it’s easy to say that the MFLB is the obviously less expensive of the two models.  Someone looking for a small, cheap vaporizer that’s portable might consider the Launch Box a viable option.  As far as temperature control is concerned, the Ploom vaporizer is the obvious winner, as Pax has three temperatures to choose from the Box has none.  Magic-Flight’s system relies on the user to press the button in and out while regulating the rate at which air and vapor is drawn through the device.  While it’s not the easiest unit to use, it certainly works.  ThermoVape T1 vaporizers are somewhat similar in this regard, as both rely on the user to regulate the temperature without any clear indication of what the internal temperature actually is.  Sensing the heat emit by the device is really the only way to determine the temperature and that’s one of the reasons why a lot of MFLB fanatics operate native, without the tube which acts as the mouthpiece.  Ploom’s idea of temperature control, at it pertains to Pax anyways, was to create three temperature presets which range from the low end of the vaporizing temperature spectrum to the high end and one right in the middle for good measure.  This allows for quick and virtually painless temperature selection and checking the temperature is just as easy, if not easier, as you simply give the unit a shake and an indicator light glows one of three colors which correlate with the three corresponding temperature settings.  We prefer the highest temperature setting, 410 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heating chamber size is quite similar with both units.  Don’t overload the trench on either model.


Construction, Power, & Aesthetics

As far as the exterior is concerned, Launch Boxes are made in California and carved from wood where Pax vaporizers are designed in the USA and utilize anodized aluminum shells.  The Box is a bit lighter than the Ploom, but, it doesn’t feel quite as solid in your hand.   As far as power supplies are concerned, both take advantage of rechargeable battery technology.  Pax has an internal lithium ion battery which lasts for around two hours, provides plenty of draws, and recharges in half the time (1 hour).  MFLB’s 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries consistently provide 12-15 draws per battery which lasts for roughly 5 minutes.  If you use your vaporizer a lot, that’s a lot of batteries and quite a bit of recharging if you’re not trying to blow your budget on AA batteries.  As far as the overall appearance is concerned, the Launch Box might look like a cheap homemade vaporizer that you have made yourself, however, it’s priced accordingly and subsequently a great deal.  Pax looks a like an Apple product and it works like one too.  With motion sensors and a retractable mouthpiece, this hi-tech gizmo is one incredible portable vape and the price, while somewhat high, is nothing short of reasonable when you take into account just how well it works.


Conclusion: The Best Vaporizer

To conclude this comparison of the Pax vaporizer and the Magic Flight Launch Box, we’d simply like to state the following: If you can afford the higher cost, Pax is the obvious winner, however, as far as a cheap yet reliable handheld vaporizer is concerned, the Launch Box is an excellent option. If you’re interested in buying Pax by Ploom, click here to order online or click here to buy Magic-Flight’s Launch Box vaporizer.


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  1. I go for Pax. It has a beautiful design and is very productive. The quality of Pax is higher. Thanks!

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