Pax Vaporizer VS PUFFiT

Pax Vaporizer VS PUFFiT

2012 saw the release of two incredibly popular new portable vaporizers known as Pax and PUFFiT. At a glance, PUFFiT vaporizers employ a deceptive enclosure which is designed to mimic the appearance of a medical device known as an inhaler. Being a stealth vaporizer and not an actual inhaler makes the PUFFiT quite the interesting electronic gizmo. The rival Pax vape looks more like an overgrown lighter than the portable vaporizer that it is. Both are sleek and fit in your pocket, but, it’s Pax by Ploom that wins in regards to size, as the inhaler vaporizer by Discreet Vape isn’t quite as compact. When it comes to manipulating the vaporizing temperature of each device, both rely on preset temperatures, however, PUFFiT offers eight presets where the competition has only three. Both vapes have a maximum temperature setting of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Cycling through the temperatures is a little easier with Pax, as Discreet Vape requires you to remove the mouthpiece cover as well as the hygienic mouthpiece in order to adjust the small dial. As far as heating up quickly goes, Pax heats up in 30-40 seconds where PUFFiT requires only 20-30 seconds.



When it comes to aesthetics, it’s obviously all preference, however, we think the blue PUFFiT has a bit of an edge over the Ploom vaporizer due to its subtle and unassuming appearance which makes it an excellent candidate for the most sneaky portable vape ever. On the other hand, Pax – which comes anodized in purple, black, and blue – looks similar to an Apple product along the lines of the new iPhone. Perhaps not quite as much as the miVape (which has yet to be released), but, slick all the same. Both units place the loading chamber at the end opposite of the mouthpiece. This is a phenomenal idea because some portable vaporizers choose to place the loading chamber just below the mouthpiece without proper filtration to prevent small bits of finely ground blend from exiting through the mouthpiece while inhaling vapor.


Key Differences

Here are some key differences between the two units. Ploom Pax employs motion sensor technology for easy usage where PUFFiT does not. PUFFiT has an optional internal stirring tool which can be incorporated into the heating chamber cap to allow for easy mixing/stirring of the blend without removal of the lid; an efficient means by which the blend may be stirred without expelling precious heat. Discreet Vape opted for a cycling process during usage which is a bit bothersome and reminiscent of the type of cycling employed by some electronic cigarette companies in their electronic cigarettes. Now for one of the most obvious differences between the two battery powered units: the price. With the Pax vaporizer on sale for around $249.99, the PUFFiT is certainly the more affordable of the two with a cost of around $139.99. That’s about it for this comparison of Discreet Vape’s PUFFiT vs Pax vaporizer by Ploom. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and be sure to browse our large repository of portable vaporizer reviews if you find yourself on a quest to find the best portable vaporizer.


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  1. I go for Pax. Why? because I find it more convenient to use and it’s simple.

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