Pax Vaporizer VS Solo

Pax Vaporizer VS Solo


This is a quick overview of some of the glaring differences between Arizer’s Solo and Ploom’s Pax.  For starters, the Solo comes two colors (black and silver) while Pax is available in three (black, purple, and blue).  Both units take advantage of internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, however, Pax recharges more efficiently with a ratio of 2:1.  It takes one hour to recharge the Ploom vaporizer, which offers roughly two hours of continuous vapor production.  Arizer’s portable vaporizer, on the other hand, takes four hours to recharge and only offers 1 – 2 hours of uninterrupted hours of vapor production.  For those with limited time throughout the day to allocate towards recharging their vaporizer’s internal battery, Pax could very well be the logical decision.


Temperature Control

Moving onto temperature, Arizer’s unit offers seven temperature settings while Ploom’s handheld vaporizer offers a mere three.  On the low end of the temperature spectrum is the Solo at 122°F.  The lowest setting available on Pax begins significantly higher with 370°F.  For both of the aforementioned portable vaporizers, the maximum/highest temperature setting available is 410°F.  As far as heating up to vaporizing temperatures is concerned, the Solo takes 60 seconds to reach 365°F while Pax is capable of heating up to 370°F in 30-40 seconds, which makes Pax the clear winner in regards to how quickly the two units are capable of heating up.


Size & Construction Materials

Both vapes are cordless, compact, portable, battery powered, and use LED technology to convey temperature status.  The Solo Diffuser comes with a battery charger and the Ploom Pax comes with a charging dock station. As far as size goes, both are compact, but, it’s the Pax by Ploom that is slightly smaller.  A primary difference to take into account when comparing the two is the fact that Arizer opted to utilize glass instead of plastic in the construction of their hi-quality portable vape, whereas Ploom decided to utilize food-safe plastics.


Best Vaporizer For The Money

The last key difference I would like to point out between the two popular vapes is in the retail cost.  Pax is currently selling for $249.99 while Solos are being sold for $229.  In the end, it’s up to you to decide which of these two portable vaporization devices is right for you.  To learn more about the new Ploom vaporizer referenced throughout this original publication, check out our Pax vaporizer review.  For additional insight into the portable Arizer discussed herein, read our Arizer Solo review.  Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form in the top right corner of this page and let us know what you think about this comparison of the Pax vaporizer VS Solo.

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  1. Solo Portable Vaporizer all the way for me. Neat Points, I didn’t know the Solo vaporizer had such a slow charge in comparison to Ploom’s portable vaporizer. I like the fact the Solo starts lower in temperature not so much for me but my buddies are all about the low temps for portable vaporizers.

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