Pax Portable Vaporizer Review $249

Pax Portable Vaporizer Review

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Pax vaporizer by Ploom is one of the latest portable vaporizers out there and the best part, it’s a full featured direct draw system that’s essentially the size of an over-sized lighter. An internal Lithium-ion battery can be recharged to full capacity in one-hour via the included charging dock and a full charge will deliver roughly two-hours of continuous vaporizing.  This Ploom vaporizer takes a mere 30 to 40 seconds to heat up to vaporizing temperatures. An internal motion sensor allows Pax to determine whether or not it’s in use and either activate or drop into sleep mode automatically. If you’re interested in acquiring this hi-tech portable vaporizer, click here to order online.



Ploom’s Pax is constructed with an anodized aluminum exterior shell which comes in Onyx black, Cobalt blue, and Amethyst purple. The vapor pathway and heating element are constructed of medical grade stainless steel. Plastic components are food safe plastics. The entire device measures in at 4-1/8″ x 1.3″ x 7/8″ which allows the Pax to easily fit into a pocket or purse.


Included With Purchase:

When you buy the Pax vape, your purchase includes an instruction manual, cleaning kit, lid, mouthpiece, screen, charger dock station, and one stealth vape known as Pax. For your viewing pleasure, here’s an easier to read list of what’s included with the purchase of this outstanding manifestation of portable vaporization:

  • Lid Ploom Pax
  • Mouthpiece
  • Screen
  • Charger Dock Station
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Pax Portable Vaporizer


Ploom Pax Temperature:

It has three temperature settings which begin with a low setting which runs at 370°F (188°C), a medium at 390°F (199°C), and a hot setting which blasts the blend with 410°F (210°C) heat. The lower setting is great for full flavored vapor and the highest temp. setting works well to conjure dense vapor. The temperature can be changed at the click of a button and seen on the indicator light which correlates yellow with low, orange with medium, and red with hot.


Pax Warranty:

Ploom, the San Francisco, California-based start-up, covers Pax vaporizers with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty when the device is acquired through an authorized distributor.


Where To Buy:

If you’re interested in buying Pax handheld vaporizer, click here to purchase Pax by Ploom from a reputable online retailer of portable vaporizers.


Pax Vaporizer Video:

More Information:


  1. With no buttons, I was having trouble figuring out how one would go about using one of these bad boys – thanks for the review. Perhaps it’s time I order one of these for myself…

    • lol @ Jeremy. Pax is boss. Buy it.

  2. It looks good and work okay I guess but the vapor taste like crap. Taste is one of the best things about vaporizing for me and this unit ruins the taste so a 3 is the best I can give it. On another note, this site doesn’t seem very objective, it sounds like it’s owned by one the vaporizer distributors or someone who profits from selling them. The editor likes every vaporizer he/she tries which is highly improbable if they’re completely unbiased. Just my opinion…

    • Hey Jim, thanks for the feedback. Addressing your comments in order: We suggest running a pre-burn cycle, as we do with all vaporizers, in order to burn off any resides leftover from manufacturing, as this will greatly enhance the flavor of your vapor. (Note: the same is true in regards to the PUFFiT, it also requires a somewhat extensive pre-burning to ensure an undistorted taste) To address your second comment, we are not owned by a vaporizer distributor and our goal is ultimately to leave the bias remarks to our community of vapor enthusiasts, such as yourself. For this reason, we choose to leave our opinions at the door to a large degree and simply present the facts alongside our own personal ratings. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which model is the ideal vaporizing solution for your unique requirements and personal preferences. Also, we would suggest taking a look at the ThermoVape T1 portable vaporizer, as it tastes great straight out of the box.

    • Dude, you shouldn’t have any problem with the funky taste if you do what they call a “pre-burn.” Just throw it on the hottest temperature setting and run it until the battery is drained and do it again and again until the odor is neutral. I did it a handful of times before packing it full and my first draw of vapor tasted delicious. Just saying… I’m only giving it 4.5 stars, that extra half of a star is reserved for the portable vaporizer that recharges itself with solar power!

      P.S. Pax kicks the crap out of my AtmosRAW. Big ups to Ploom!

  3. The Pax is a great vape and I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for an all around good portable vaporizer. It heats up fast, produces thick tasteful clouds, has adjustable temps, fairly long battery life and looks sleek. The only downside to this vape is that it requires cleaning more than most other vapes but if you’re like me and keep your pieces clean regardless then this shouldn’t be an issue. The Pax is great and well worth every penny.

    • Due to the design, it requires regular cleaning sessions for which a small brush with plastic bristles in combination with isopropyl alcohol works extremely well.

  4. Bought one in black. Finally arrived and I’m extremely happy with the purchase. Thanks for steering me in the right direction with this Pax review! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. I’m sold. As soon as the monthly disability check comes in I’m getting two of these bad boys!

    • It’s good to have goals, lol.

      I actually heard that the taste does not improve, the mouthpiece gets stuck, and the quality of vape decreases in time.

      Get a Solo or DaVinci and be happy.

      • Harry, thanks for your feedback. As far as taste is concerned, ours taste great. Always have and we suspect that they always will. The mouthpiece can and probably will get stuck, but, only if you fail miserably at cleaning the device. For us, the quality has remained consistent due to regular cleanings. The problem with the mouthpiece is derived from lack of cleaning and the issue is easily resolved by cleaning the unit with a small brush (one with plastic bristles or similar) and some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

        The area that requires cleaning can be accessed by removing the mouthpiece. Using what I would consider to be a generous amount of rubbing alcohol, clean the area where the mouthpiece makes contact using the brush and make sure that you really get in there to remove any residues which have collected over time with use. Pouring a little bit of your cleaning solution down through the vapor pathway, starting at the oven, is another technique employed to thoroughly clean the device. A combination of these techniques should be adequate. Ensure that the device is dry before using.

        Following the directions above should help ensure that your Pax remains fully functional and producing delicious vapor on demand.

        • Thanks this is helpful information. I’m sure people will have better experiences if they know proper maintenance…

  6. Saw it in GQ, bought it as a Christmas gift for my friend and he said it was the best gift he ever received! Will be buying more as gifts this year!

  7. Just picked up mine the other night and I love it! Did notice that when packing a small amount of product in the oven on high setting it tends to heat up the mouthpiece a little bit, but the only negative thing I have seemed to notice is that the warranty doesn’t cover the battery. This is my first vape and I do believe this will be the only one I buy. Yes, mine tasted like crap off the start but a pre-burn did fix that; ran it on high on two battery charges.

    One question will there be replacement batteries available down the line and will doing a pre-burn damage the oven?

    • Hey Matt, thanks for your commentary and inquiries. Addressing your questions in order, we are not currently aware of any replacement batteries becoming available. Though, we certainly wouldn’t rule out the future possibility of this occurring. If replacements are made available, there’s a good chance that replacing the internal battery will be similar to replacing an iPod battery. iPod batteries can be replaced now that replacement batteries have been made available. While potentially challenging for the technically inclined who wish to perform the replacement on their own, various services on the market including one offered by Apple make replacing the battery a viable option for anyone who can afford it.

      Addressing your second inquiry, running a pre-burn cycle will not (as far as we’re aware) damage the oven. Many, if not most, vaporizers require a pre-burn session to rid the vapor pathway of any residues leftover as a result of the manufacturing process.

  8. I heard there was a recall for a problem with the heater switch?

    • After double checking, we can say that there has been no recall. At least not that we have been made aware of.

  9. I have owned the pax for 2 days now. There have been mixed results. The mouth piece gets very hot when contacting and burns your lips. You also have to pull very hard to get any vapor. I am not sure if I can recommend this product.

  10. Just got mine in the mail today and charging it as I type, so I can’t give a rating yet. But I am curious as to how one would run a pre-burn cycle on this as it goes to standby mode if you leave it alone. Do you need to keep it in hand and moving the whole time? Also how long should you pre-burn? You say that that battery will last for two hours, but surely that would get a bit too hot?

    • The standby mode is more of a convenience than an annoyance. Prolonged use can result in a unit that is warm to the touch, however, you won’t burn yourself unless you place your extremities inside of the focal points of heat such as the oven. As far as pre-burn time is concerned, as a rule of thumb we run it on the highest temperature until there are no noticeable odors and then we run it through one to two more fully charged batteries before using.

  11. This is an amazing unit don’t complain about the mouth piece all vap units need some kind of cleaning. That’s all it takes once every week to two weeks with twice a day use. I do a cleaning and two dry runs and it works amazing and the vap is so cool and sleek no one suspects anything when using it at concerts and outside its a great on the go smoke without the heavy aroma no complaints no problems follow the instructions and everything will work fine.

    P.S. when they say use rubbing alcohol on the brushes use a very light amount pinch your fingers on the brush and pull it threw after dipping it in the rubbing alcohol and then use it threw the unit for best cleaning results

  12. UPDATE: Pax vaporizer lube is now included with every purchase. The lubricant is applied to the contact point at which the mouthpiece meets the vapor pathway in order to resolve issues with the mouthpiece sticking and getting stuck. Get the new Pax vaporizer from this store, the same place where we got ours.

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