Ploom Vaporizer Reviews

We now have reviews for both of the Ploom vaporizers currently on the market.  While we already had a Pax vaporizer review, we recently published our review of the modelOne.  While the modelOne isn’t exactly your standard vaporizer, as one might think it’s more of an electronic cigarette, it is in fact a butane vaporizer.  It’s actually the smallest vaporizer powered by butane and works with a variety of blends.  It’s not nearly as appealing as the Pax (at least not to us), however, for the roughly $75 that it costs new, it’s certainly not a bad deal.


Pax Durability Test

On another note, we dropped a Pax from roughly 3′ in the air onto a concrete surface and it sustained minor aesthetic damage (a small scratch), but, continued to function as normal.  The fall would have broken most glass pieces, but, the anodized aluminum shell was enough to withstand the impact of the drop with only a minor scuff incurred on the bottom of the unit where initial contact with the concrete was made.  This past our durability test.

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