Portable Glass Vaporizer By DaVinci, New Release Date Has Arrived

Portable Glass Vaporizer By DaVinci, New Release Date Has Arrived

Ascent vaporizer’s new release date is the discussion at hand and for those wondering whether or not they have finally been released, we have the answer for you. These long awaited portable vaporization systems have finally been released to the general public and are available for purchase. That’s right, as of November 1, 2013, the Ascent vaporizers by the Da Vinci vaporizer company were made available. This highly anticipated public release comes just in time for the holidays and if you want this website’s opinion, do yourself a favor and get one for yourself and one for someone you care about that would appreciate a versatile and powerful digital vaporizer that fits in a pocket. Capable of vaporizing liquid and dry blends, Ascents leave little to desire. The battery lasts for more than three hours and it can be used while plugged into the charger (a cool feature that’s not as ordinary as you might assume when it comes to portable vapes). Glass essential oil jars make aromatherapy a breeze, as you can dump some liquid blend in there, drop the jar directly into the heating chamber with or without the lid on it, and then slide the chamber over, turn it on, and start vaping liquids. While this was a system that the original DaVincis had, it’s a lot tastier with the new version which uses an all glass vapor pathway for some of the purist vapor imaginable. Watch DaVinic’s how to video for the Ascent below to see what it’s all about:

Temperature adjustments with this crazy contraption are pretty interesting, as they can be manipulated quite a bit. While you have the good old fashioned up and down buttons for adjusting the temperature up and down, you also have an intricate system that allows you to set different temperatures to be held for different intervals. This would let you start up at 370F, hold for 2 minutes, increase the heat to 390F, hold for 1 minute, and then increase the heat to 430F, and hold the last temperature for three minutes. This is a really cool way to create a custom vape session and it doesn’t take much effort. Just use the settings button to cycle through the options and you’ll find it. If you didn’t realize by now, this digital vape has an OLED display that doesn’t consume a lot of energy but sure gets the job done. It lets you easily view the temperature, know if you’ve reached the desired temperature, see how much time you have left if you’re using a programmed temperature cycle, and more. Just about everything you might want to know will be displayed on the screen. Here’s a video explaining how to use the Ascent’s advanced temperature system:

Cleaning these little vapes is straight up easy. You brush out the heating area with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Make sure to clean off any residue left from the q-tip. Take the two glass tubes that are inside of the device and pull them out, run a brush through them, drop them in rubbing alcohol, soak them, and then rinse them off with water and let them dry. That’s all it takes to clean the device. That’s really one of the easiest cleanings for a portable and the end result is a thoroughly cleaned vapor pathway, heating chamber, and mouthpiece. That’s what’s up. Here’s a video from DaVinci Vaporizers YouTube channel that shows how to clean their brand-new Ascent:

DaVinci has been hard at work designing, updating, and manufacturing their latest introduction to the portable vaporizer market for quite some time and as a result, they’ve managed to release one of the best portable vaporizers we’ve seen. They look absolutely marvelous and they produce vapor like you wouldn’t believe. The taste is impeccable and the density is essentially whatever you want it to be, as a wide range of temperatures (0-430F) are available. After all is said and done, ReviewsVaporizers.com recognizes the Ascent as one of the top portable vaporizers out right now (at the time of publication).

Those interested in learning more should check out the review at VapeForest.com. Those ready to get one should head on over to DaVinci’s website at DaVinciVaporizer.com

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