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Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

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The Silver Surfer vaporizer is hand made in the USA. As 7th Floor LLC’s first introduction into the market, it’s nothing short of impressive. Those looking for an incredibly unique vaporizing experience need not look any further than the SSV, as it comes in a variety of colors which include the totally customizable Wave Rider Series. The WR series can be customized with virtually any image you choose, making it the most customizable vaporizer that I’m aware of. To add a unique edge to all of their units, each vape comes with a unique hand-blown glass turn-knob and matching heater cover. If you want to get your hands on a Silver Surfer, click here to order your very own one-of-a-kind SSV!


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Silver Surfer Vaporizers Silver Surfer vaporizers come in two distinct styles and that’s the hands free and standard. The ground glass vapor wand is the hands free style and it comes with a ground glass heater cover which is 100% unique in appearance from one cover to the next. The standard variant must be held in place and offer the ability to rotate the wand while vaporizing in order to more evenly vaporize the blend. Deluxe wands are easily taken apart to gain access to the internal screen. You can get a universal deluxe wand which works with both the standard as well as the hands free. The non-deluxe wands make screen replacement a bit of a hassle as you’re forced to push the old screen out and wiggle the new one into place. Definitely worth spending the extra dough to buy the deluxe. When purchased from an authorized retailer, the Silver Surfer vaporizer is covered by a 3 year warranty.


Where To Buy SSV:

Due to the wide variety of styles the Silver Surfer vaporizer is available in, your best option is likely to avoid the local smoke shop and shop online instead. To browse a large selection of Silver Surfer vaporizers on sale, click here.


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  1. The standard SSV is hands down the finest vape ever. Anything you could ever want in a vape it’s fully customizable from head to toe, durable (it’s built to last year after year), and it produces the best tasting dense/thick vapor. Great for beginners. After tasting clean vapor it’s easy to tell by taste and sight if your blend is burnt. Because the wand is in your hands at all times, it’s very easy to stir your bowl for even vaporization and changing the screen is a breeze. It’s a shame the author didn’t give this god among crap the rating it deserved. The Extreme Q will never rival what 7th Floor has created. SSV, LSV, and Da Buddha will out vape the Q in a quick minute.

    • I’ve been using the Da Buddha for 2 years now. Great vape, lovely taste but I’ve broken the elbow and the whip 3 times each. And now the element has packed in too. All these purchases have made it more expensive than all the other vapes so it’s a piece of ***t in my view.

  2. Mike,

    Please call or email 7th Floor customer service. We are more than willing to help you use your vaporizer so that you won’t have these problems. We take pride in producing and servicing the best vaporizers in the world. And we are made in Colorado!

    The heater covers can break, but it shouldn’t be a re-occurring issue. It could be what you are doing that is breaking the heater cover. The 7th Floor vaporizers are very user friendly and everything can be serviced for no repair charge, if during the 3 year warranty. The heating element can be pulled up, if it is sliding down inside the heater stand. Be sure to do that only after it has been turned off for more than 30 minutes. The heating element should be about 1/8 – 1/4 inch from the top of the glass, no more. Also, don’t tap your glass or it could break. A pick is included to help remove the duff and now we have new duff jars which make it simple to empty your wand by blowing it out. And can you imagine, it won’t get everywhere! Check ‘em out!

    Some new items can only be found when purchasing directly from 7th Floor’s websites and when there, check out all sorts of new glass ELEV8 tubes to go with the 7th Floor vaporizers. Email is probably the best way to contact 7th Floor and you should receive a response within 48 business hours. Please use the e-mail address below to reach us.

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