Vaporfection viVape 2 Vaporizer Review $449

Vaporfection viVape 2 Vaporizer Review

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The second edition of the viVape vaporizer by Vaporfection is a quiet vaporizing system which is truly international with dual 110V/240V filtering, operation, and International certifications. Vaporfection viVape 2 vaporizer is one of the most powerful vaporization systems at the time of writing, as it boasts a touchscreen LCD which allows the user to easily control the unit as one would an iPhone or any other sophisticated touchscreen device. It uses a glass-on-glass heating element to provide some of the purist vapor and it’s capable of quickly and quietly delivering said vapor through either a traditional wand/whip or a bag/balloon system which is similar in essence to that utilized by Storz & Bickel’s Volcano vaporizers. If you’re interested in buying this high quality digital vaporizer by Vaporfection, click here to place your order today.


viVape Technical Specs:

viVape 2 Vaporfection viVape digital vaporizers come standard with a set and forget feature that automatically cools down and shuts off the viVape vaporizer. The device measures 7.75″ (H) x 5.25″ (W) x 2.5″ (D) and weighs 1.75 pounds. It comes standard with one power cord, two custom tapered vapor bags, two medical grade tie wraps, one stir tool which doubles as a screen replacement tool, one vapor valve, one glass mouthpiece, one wand/whip glass container, one 3′ long medical grade hose, one owner’s manual, one warranty, one owner’s registration card, and one powerful digital vaporizer system known as the viVape 2.


Where To Buy:

If you think you’re ready to vaporizer in style with the Vaporfection viVape 2 vaporizer by Vapor Systems International LLC, you can click here to buy viVape 2 online.


Vaporfection viVape 2 Review Video:


  1. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this vaporizer.

    The bag option simply does not work. It takes 10 minutes to fill a bag with nothing at max temp.

    The whip option works okay and delivers a nice thick vapor. However, finer particles get through the screen and you end up inhaling dust from your blend.

    The touch screen is a gimmick and does not work properly. The unit randomly turns on and off by itself.

    I fell for a flash ad in High Times and now I feel like a total idiot. The advertising is deceptive too: it looks much bigger and bulkier in real life.


  2. This is an amazing vaporizer. There’s A LOT of people that say this vaporizer is crap.. but I totally disagree; these are people that are burning their product and think that because the vapor that this vaporizer produces is weak that it doesn’t work good but that’s not true at all, it produces CLEAN, VERY GOOD QUALITY Vape. Vapor is not supposed to be thick. If it’s thick, it means you are at the point of combustion and you might as well be smoking. This vaporizer is the cleanest, healthiest vaporizer on the market today. Don’t let some reviews fool you, try it out for yourself!

  3. This vaporizer is a piece of garbage. Mine lasted 2 weeks after taking 4 weeks to arrive. They are sending a replacement but who cares, it’s replacing garbage with garbage. They are giving me no free warranty, no extra accessories, nothing. This company is also guilty of using shill marketing techniques and have been banned from many consumer forums for posing as end users giving false positive reviews, as seen here:

  4. I got one when they first came out, about year or year and half ago. Mine still works just fine.
    I have no problems at all with it. I have tried a lot of vapes in my life, I am 60 years old. This thing delivers the best vapor I personally have ever had. It is great. A perfect hit every time. Most people that I know that have bought one and gripe about it have the temp. too high and burn their blend. Once we get the temp. down and experiment a little, they end up loving it.

    Great vape, worth the money if you are a serious consumer.

  5. In light of some really odd comments to this review, we’d like to offer some middle ground for everyone to rest their feet upon. After thorough review, we have concluded the following:

    - Vapor Taste: Exceptional. There were no noticeable distortions in the flavor of the vapor produced by this unit.
    - The touchscreen is not the most accurate, as it sometimes takes more than one pressing of the finger.
    - While the fan does not turn off during use, it is easy enough to simply remove the ground-glass wand between draws, as you would with many other whip vaporizers.
    - The bag filling mode worked for us, however, it did take more time to fill than the Volcano. The valve is a nice addition over the Extreme Q’s lack of a valve, though the entire bag assembly is not nearly as impressive to us as the unit itself when coupled with the wand and whip.
    - Overall: While it has some quirks, it’s a relatively fun and easy vape to use and we’ve certainly enjoyed reviewing it.

  6. The vi vape works great, but way over priced! MY complaint is with the customer service! My hubby ordered me a MiVape in November! In January still nothing so I called and come to find out they are reconstructing the MiVape and don’t even have one to sell? So why charge the card $300.00 if you don’t have a product to sell? On February 28 when I asked for a refund they offered me 2 MiVapes when they were ready or they would send me a vivape2 immediately for my patience and send me the mivape early spring! Now it’s April 16, I have seen no vivape, no mivape so I made another request for a refund and guess what, they have changed charge servers so I am just going to have to go through MY CREDIT CARD company to get reimbursed???? WHAT? I don’t think so! How do these people think they are and how do they think they are going to stay in business being dishonest like this! I wonder what the credit card company will say and do when I tell them I was charged for a product that doesn’t exist yet! Sounds like Fraud to me! I hope these punks get what they deserve!

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