What Is A Vaporizer

If you have ever found yourself wondering what a vaporizer is, this publication is designed specifically to educate people such as yourself who are still unsure as to what exactly a vapouriser/vaporizor is. It is a device which can be used to extract the active ingredients of plant material, such as blends used in aromatherapy, through the process of vaporization; a process in which the blend is heated to the point at which vapor is produced. Unlike with smoking (as it pertains to tobacco, for example), vaporizing does not burn the tobacco and subsequently avoids the release of carcinogenic and toxic by-products released through combustion. Keep in mind that some vaporizers are capable of combustion, though most appear to produce little to no smoke.

Vaporizers are essentially broken down into three categories which are based on the three methods of vaporizing techniques utilized to produce vapor and those are thermal conduction, convection, and thermal radiation.



The early vaporizers used conduction, a process through which the a metal plate is heated in order to heat the contents placed upon the plate.



Unlike with conduction, convection vaporizers pass hot air through the blend which allows for rapid heating and the release of more constituents than with conduction heating systems.


Thermal Radiation

Equivalent to a magnifying glass on a sunny day, radiation vaporizers provide radiant energy which is absorbed by the blend, raising the temperature. Either a superheated thermal mass encapsulating the blend or a visible bright light will suffice.


So What Is A Vaporizer?

Vaporizing devices are not only used in aromatherapy, they are also used as electronic cigarettes, mineral diffusers, steamers, and in the culinary arts.

With the vapes found on this vaporizer review website, you will find a wide range of vaporization techniques employed by a variety of vaporizer manufacturers. You will also find a wide range of delivery methods in use from those which capture vapor within inflatable bags (Volcano, Extreme Q, viVape, Vapir ONE) to those which deliver the extracted vapor directly via a hose or something similar. We say something similar due to the fact that there are units such as the Plenty vaporizer which utilize a flexible stainless steel cooling coil to deliver cooled vapor, providing full aromatic flavor.

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